Chauffeured Car Hire for Melbourne Sightseeing Tours

Melbourne Sight Seeing Tours and Trips – Melbourne is one of the most populous and active cities in Australia. It is the capital of state Victoria. It is renowned for its varied culture, and sporting event, stylish fashion, arts, literature, food, and wine is exceptionally the best. There are several spectacular and exceptional destinations available for sightseeing in Melbourne. They include the Great Ocean Road, Phillip Island, Twelve Apostles and Penguin Parade in the evening, Yarra Valley, Grampians, a sovereign hill in Ballarat, puffing billy in the Dandenong ranges and Mount Buller.

The other Sightseeing Day Tours Packages are hip on hip off tour and ticket, walking tours, bus and coach city bus, Hot air balloon ride, Full/half city tours, bike or running tour and carriage rides. Sightseeing Tour Cars Melbourne is the best ride.

Melbourne’s top 3 destinations which are famous and popular are

1) Great Ocean Road

The Great Ocean Road, Melbourne is an Australian national heritage site. It stretches about 244 km of coastline across Australia. This long road, itself is a 3-day self-drive touring route. It begins from Torquay to finish at Allansford. They have no. of pristine beaches and picturesque seacoast around the west side of Australia.

2) Phillip Island

Phillip Island situated on the south and southeast Australia. It is worldwide famous for the penguin parade in the evening at the Phillip Island. It also has an international motorcycle circuit. It is a decent and beautiful blend of suffers, petrol, and global visitor.

3) Twelve Apostles

It is the collection of a no. Of limestone stacks off the shore of Port Campbell National park, nearby The Great Ocean Road. The complete full list of 12 Apostles are Mark 3, Matthew 10, and Luke 9 as the three sons of Zebedee:- Peter, James, and John, James the sons of Alphaeus:- Andrew, Philip, Bartholomew, Matthew, Thomas and the son of James:- Thauddaeus, or judas. There are now only eight remaining stacks (five have fallen after their discovery.

Professional Chauffeurs, Melbourne Chauffeured Car Hire Services for Sightseeing Tours is one of the most trustworthy and leading luxury chauffeured car hire company, with the world-class chauffeur’s services with the best, experienced, and skilled personnel in their company. So, it could be made sure that their customer serves at it best.

Private car hire for sightseeing tours Melbourne equipped with all the best and world-class amenities. Generally, the selection of private car chooses from Luxury Car Hire Services for Sightseeing Tours only like McLaren, Limousine, Porsche, Audi, Mercedes, Range Rover, etc. There are various packages available according to the requirement of the customer for sightseeing in Melbourne.

Private Sightseeing Tours by Professional Chauffeurs in Melbourne

A Chauffeur is a person employed to drive or transport people from their place to their particular destination across Melbourne. Now, Professional Chauffeurs – Melbourne Private Chauffeured Car Hire for  Sightseeing Tours who ensures a smooth and safe journey of the customer. They are even well acquainted with the city routes and highlights. A Chauffeur must be having sheer professionalism and enthusiasm to serve their customers the best.

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